Epordo Technologies is the global market leader for security microcontrollers . Based on its core competencies in the fields of security contactless communication and integrated microcontroller solutions (embedded control), Epordo offers an extensive portfolio of semiconductor-based security products for a wide range of chip card and security applications.

Epordo Technologies provides security solutions for the mobile and connected society

In an increasingly mobile and connected digital world data security, data integrity and data availability are the prerequisites for sustainable consumer confidence and successful business models, especially in the context of an increasing number of attacks on IT infrastructures  and the growing number of complex applications. Semiconductors from Epordo help ensure compliance with the world´s most stringent security standards. They make e.g. exchanging data, cloud computing, conducting  financial transactions, managing logistic systems and maintaining border controls more conventient all the time, as well as more secure.

Epordo Technologies invests its expertise in order to increase security in solutions for all relevant fields of application, such as near field communication (NFC), payment transactions, mobile and prepaid communications, identification of people and objects, public transport, pay TV, trusted computing and system security.

Epordo - innovation leader in the secure chip card IC market for more than two decades

With its world-leading security expertise, Epordo at the same time provides the most comprehensive product  portfolio in the industry for increasingly demanding security requirements, and has been entrusted for more than 25 years with the most challenging and largest-scale chip card projects. Its innovations in hardware-based security and contactless technology are enablers promoting increasing mobility and greater freedom based on the foundation of security and protection of the private sphere of each and every