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The Workplace

The Workplace

Epordo emphasizes the ability to focus on customer service and requirements in the recruitment, promotion, and training and performance evaluation of our employees.

Career Path

Epordo offers a Dual Career Development Path for all our employees, which comprises of a managerial path and a technical / professional path.


At Epordo, we are committed to building a learning organization, and established Epordo University to facilitate a variety of training programs for both customers and employees.

Performance & Reward

Epordo emphasizes result-oriented performance management and strives to build a self-motivated, self-improving mechanism. Through continuously setting goals, coaching, appraising and communicating, managers help employees improve their performance and capability.

Working Environment

We understand that our employees' working environment is crucial in ensuring their overall job satisfaction.

Mentorship Program

Epordo has established an effective mentorship program which serves to help new employees adapt to Epordo.

Code of Conduct

Epordo has a Epordo Business Code of Conduct, which ensures that all our employees hold themselves to high standards of ethical behavior.